´╗┐Installation and Maintenance Service

Skilled furnace engineers for complete range of furnace repair and maintenance. Re-Bricking, electrical, and combustion engineering.

Full Installation service, complete rebuilds undertaken. Ex JLS Redditch Ltd engineers available to repair or upgrade your JLS Redditch Oven.

 Refurbished Ipsen TQ-4-GM (recoup) sealed quench furnace installation for        NON STANDARD SOCKET SCREWS LTD            Comprising:                      Sealed Quench furnace      Tempering Furnace           Washing Machine             Loader                          Endothermic Generator        Suds quench for blue/black finish



Incorporating automatic heat treatment cycles and carbon potential, with HMI advanced touch screen control and DATA download facility

  Aluminium drop quench furnace installed at Wallwork Heat Treatments

 Supplied new polymer quench tank


Re-build 3m Cast link Conveyor Furnace commissioned.

Ipsen TQ4 Sealed Quench, Temper, Endo and Wash installation

Roller hearth anneal. blue line installed, new return track supplied

Aluminium drop Quench installation

Mesh belt conveyor