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Newsflash - New Ovens/Furnacess

We are now building new air circulation Ovens/Furnaces to Aerospace specifications,  designed and built by ex JLS Redditch Ltd Engineers

We supply Used Furnaces, refurbished furnaces, sealed quench furnaces, used and second hand as well as High & Low Temperature ovens worldwide.

Click on our STOCKLIST for a full range of used, refurbished furnaces and industrial ovens. Not only are we a distributor of used industrial furnaces and ovens, we also buy them from resellers across the UK and beyond. If you wish to sell heat treatment, quench or large vacuum furnaces we can add it to our stock or sell it on your behalf, as fully refurbished.

Used and Refurbished Furnaces for the Aerospace Industry 

We are a top supplier of used and refurbished furnaces and industrial ovens for the aerospace industry. Ideal for aerospace engineering, the furnaces and ovens that we sell are suitable for the heat treatment of aircraft components including tempering, annealing, hardening, drying and forging. We have a full range of high temperature furnaces with the ability to operate at different temperatures while achieving temperature uniformity with features such as temperature control and controlled cooling. The furnaces we have on offer can be used for a variety of aerospace production purposes allowing you to save both time and money.


Finding and buying a furnace or oven is only a part of the process. Having a furnace that is fully functioning is key to operating efficiently and will allow you to carry out necessary procedures accordingly. We offer a full installation service including upgrades, refurbishment carried out by skilled Furnace Engineers. Our team of engineers work to the highest standards to ensure the furnaces are in compliance with safety regulations and operate effectively. Once our highly qualified engineers have successfully installed your furnace, it is ready for use immediately. 

If you are interested in buying a used or refurbished industrial furnace or oven or would like to sell one to us, you can contact us on 0044 (0) 1543 483030. We aim to respond to all enquiries as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can email us on: 

BG Furnace Consultants - Used Furnaces and Refurbished Furnaces for Sale - South Staffs Freight Terminal, Lynne Lane, Shenstone, UK, WS14 0ED, +44 (0)1543 483030

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